Our Mission

We go beyond great property management to positively impact the lives we touch and the communities we serve.

Our Mission | How

We strive to build trust, deliver exceptional value & give our property owner partners peace of mind as it relates to their investment.
We are committed to showing our residents the respect they deserve, addressing the needs related to their home in an empathic manner.
We give our word that we will treat our vendor partners with dignity and honor our agreements.
We will recognize and celebrate all wins (big or small) of our Team Cobalt members. We will provide a supportive and rewarding work environment that challenges them to be productive within the context of work-life balance.
We will identify and seize the opportunities we have to make a positive impact in our community. We will gladly offer our own time, energy & financial resources & seek to inspire those within our sphere to do the same.

Our Core Values

Respect- above all others, we treat everyone we come into contact with in a respectful manner, regardless of how we are treated in return or the benefit we might get from our behavior.
Courage- we will be courageous as an organization to try new things, test their efficacy & adapt as needed.
Honesty- we will follow through with our promises, providing consistency to our stakeholders. We will also recognize that we are not perfect and will take responsibility for mistakes when they do occur.
Service- we are committed to serving with words that are substantiated by our actions. CPS will serve the Atlanta community by directly devoting our resources to organizations doing good work.

New school tech. Old school respect.